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The hiatus is being temporarily lifted, for I have declared an emergency.

So today is Tuesday, and tonight is the rerun of the pilot of Veronica Mars...and I'm going to make a little proposition. If ANYBODY that reads this that has not see it ever ever before, now is your chance. If you watch it tonight (UPN, 9pm EST) then I will make you an icon. That's right, me who never makes icons (except for 1 today) I will make any icon that you want out of anything that you want me to if you just watch the show! I know who has seen it before and who has not, so don't try to play that one, just watch it. It is a perfect show, in depth characters, amazing actors, vibrant colors, beautiful camera work, it is pefect and on the verge of being royally fucked up next season if it does not get viewers. I know I'm not the best at making icons, but I will try if you try, and icons are a hell of a lot harder than watching a kick ass show, mmkay?

AND if you miss it tonight, it is re-airing on Sunday at 6pm EST. Comment here with if you watched, what you thought of it, and what you want your request to be of.

And no funny stuff! I know if you have seen it before, or if you comment here and you didn't watch. Earn your damn icon!

I love you all!! *muah*
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